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Why do businesses prefer choosing our Cloud PBX services?

Cloud-based PBX is handled by our providers, and it allows businesses to save time, resources, and space that comes with an on-premises PBX system. Here is why businesses choose us.

Customized to business needs

Our designed business solutions as per the business need to help you afford unlimited VoIP calling and conferencing. You can add or reduce functionality as per the need.

Enhanced Mobility
Enhanced Mobility

It allows calls, fax, and messages instantly on any of the devices and you are no longer restricted to a brick-and-mortar office. Take your communication anywhere you go and make inbound or outbound calls using the same office number only.

Affordable Cost
Affordable Upfront cost

Our Virtual PBX system has a lower upfront cost, which means you have to cover reasonable expenses for the advanced communication system. Moreover, there is no need for any hardware equipment, it is surely an unmatched value for your money offer.

Security and Reliability
Security and reliability

For the messages or calls, you can stay stress-free when it is about security. It travels via an encrypted network and authentication layers while ensuring the security of your transmission journey.

Swift Deployment
Swift Deployment

With the Virtual cloud PBX, it can be deployed swiftly and run in hours. You do not need any cable cabinets or server switches. Even if you are from a non-IT background, things can be easily managed.

Exceptional Support
Exceptional Support

We offer award-winning and robust support from day one itself that is also available around the clock. It offers customer greetings, call hold, voicemail, and more. We do not provide technical support only but also professional consultation.

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Simplify your business call management system


Increase your business mobility

Cloud PBX system allows the agents to work efficiently irrespective of their location. Whether the agent is inside the office premises or working remotely, they can manage calls on their centralized virtual number. Virtual PBX also makes it possible to record, track and monitor all your business calls. All these features, combined, increases your business mobility without affecting efficiency and productivity of the agents.

Eliminate CapEx and hardware installation

Cloud EPABX doesn't require any hardware installation within or outside the premises. This eliminates any kind of capital expenditure and saves you from one-time heavy investment. Also, it works on pay as you go model, and is thus, easily scalable. Cloud PBX system is very easy to set up and can be done online even without any technical help.